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WATCH Jihadi Brides Yell Daesh Slogans Amid Battle for Last Stronghold in Syria

Sputnik [1]
March 12, 2019

As the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue its offensive on the Syrian city of Baghouz, one of Daesh’s last bastions in the country, more jihadi brides with kids are reportedly being transported to refugee camps.

A video allegedly showing Daesh brides still loyal to the self-proclaimed caliphate yelling abusive words and saluting the terror group has emerged on the internet.

The clip shows several women dressed from head to toe in black, sitting with their children, in a truck taking them to a refugee camp from the Syrian city of Baghouz, the last stronghold of the terror group.

The women are heard shouting “baqiya”, presumably from Daesh’s slogan “baqiya wa tatamaddad”, which is translated as “remaining and expanding”, verbally abusing journalists and throwing water and bottles at the camera filming them.

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported that foreign jihadi brides had been isolated from other female refugees in the al-Hol camp in northeast Syria, since they tried to assault the “infidels” for not abiding by the laws of the self-proclaimed caliphate.

Shortly before the final assault on Baghouz, the US-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said it had captured more than 800 foreign Daesh fighters and 2,000 of their wives and children.