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Watch: Rush Limbaugh Announces Advanced Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Zero Hedge [1]
February 4, 2020

Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh announced on his Monday show that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

Limbaugh first noticed something was wrong during the second week in January, and was confirmed to be cancer by “two medical institutions” on January 20th.

PRN did not say exactly how long Limbaugh’s new contract is but noted it is a “long-term agreement.” President Trump, however, broke the news of the agreement and said it was just a four-year deal during his Miami, Florida, rally on Friday.

“We have great people. Rush just signed another four-year contract,” Trump said to the crowd. “He just wants four more years, okay. Rush, Sean Hannity, Laura — a lot of great people — Tucker’s been great, Fox & Friends, right?” –Washington Examiner [10]

Limbaugh has hosted his show for 31 years.