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Water found on the Moon and may be continuously forming thanks to solar wind

Claire Bates
UK Daily Mail [1]
Thursday, Sept 24th, 2009

A manned moon base could become a reality within 20 years after scientists revealed today there are large quantities of water on the Moon’s surface.

The scientific discovery made by the Indian lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 is due to be announced by Nasa today.

Amazingly the data also suggests that water is continously being formed on the Moon.

The Indian spacecraft was launched into orbit around the Moon in October last year.It was fitted with a Moon Mineralogy Mapper, or M3 for short, designed to search for water by picking up the electromagnetic radiation emitted by hydrogen and oxygen minerals.

The sensitive M3 machine, which was designed by Nasa, could detect water on and a few inches below the surface of the Moon.

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