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We Need To Democratize The West, Not The Middle East

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Saman Mohammadi
Prison Planet.com
Monday, July 9, 2012

The political rise of Ron Paul, the media power of Alex Jones, and the emergence of anti-austerity movements in the West are all manifestations of a growing phenomenon: the democratization of Western politics and the decentralization of power.

Old paradigms and power structures are dying. But rather than bowing out gracefully from the stage of history, the rotten tyrants of the West are uncloaking themselves and inflicting death on Western citizens as well as the people of the Middle East.

Last month even CNBC had to admit that the political destiny of the West is currently controlled by private transnational central bankers. They own the U.S. government lock, stock, and barrel. The President doesn’t move a muscle without first getting permission from his Wall Street masters.

II. A Family of Fraud: Obama, Wall Street, And The CIA

The Wall Street-CIA-Obama connection is creepy, and the media has suppressed it, but it cannot be hidden anymore. Historian William Blum writes in his article, “Barack Obama, his Mother, and the CIA”:

“In his book, not only doesn’t Obama mention his employer’s name; he fails to say exactly when he worked there, or why he left the job. There may well be no significance to these omissions, but inasmuch as Business International has a long association with the world of intelligence, covert actions, and attempts to penetrate the radical left — including Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) — it’s reasonable to wonder if the inscrutable Mr. Obama is concealing something about his own association with this world.”

Obama is an international man of mystery. His upbringing and professional life are filled with holes. But the script that has been written for him is unraveling before our eyes. The documentary, “Dreams from My Real Father,” by Joel Gilbert lays out evidence that points to Frank Marshall Davis, an American poet and communist, as being Obama’s real father.

Some people wonder if Obama has a radical bone in his body. So far, he has come across as a conformist, a coward, and a go-along-to-get-along follower who worships the maniacs on Wall Street.

Obama claims to hate Netanyahu, but he is giving the Israeli terrorist state everything it wants, including a war against Iran. Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi says the Obama administration is, “creating conditions in which a war is the only possible outcome.” His analysis is echoed by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, former members of the National Security Council, who wrote on June 7, 2012:

“In essence, the United States needs to re-orient its policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran in the same way that it reoriented its policy toward the People’s Republic China in the early 1970s.  At present, though, American policy remains oblivious to this imperative.”

Obama won’t follow in Nixon’s giant footsteps and make a deal with Iran because Nixon was a bigger radical and visionary than Obama. Plus, Obama is owned, so he can’t bring peace to the Middle East even if he wanted to.

The radical and visionary Nixon was a true king compared to the robot Obama. Read what Nixon said in January 1971 to a group of reporters:

“Miss Dickerson, before we can really get a lift of a driving dream, we have to get rid of some of the nightmares we inherited. One of these nightmares is a war without end. We are ending that war… But it takes some time to get rid of the nightmares. You can’t be having a driving dream when you are in the midst of a nightmare.”

Will Obama ever talk this honestly and profoundly to the media and the public? No, never, because he only knows how to read teleprompters and recite propagandistic talking points. He is a stain on America and the world.

III. The West’s Illegal War Against Syria

The West is waging a very dirty war against the people of Syria. It is arming terrorists, demonizing Assad, and attacking journalists. French journalist Thierry Meyssan spoke about NATO’s history of stifling free speech in an interview with the Voice of Russia on June 30. He said:

“On the one hand we have seen the same scenes repeated successively in Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya and now in Syria. There are powers that systematically destroy the media of the countries they are attacking. And it is simple. NATO and the US are constantly behind this. No one else behaves in this way in the world. There is no greater enemy to freedom of expression than the US and NATO. Whatever the spin, the verifiable facts show this.

NATO’s war on Syria’s sovereignty and independence would not be possible without its war on Western democracy and Western consciousness. Both wars are evil and illegal.

Tony Cartalucci says US/NATO’s quest for world hegemony is a threat to world peace and international law:

“From the US-engineered “Arab Spring” to the extremist violence that has ravaged Libya and now Syria, the West is executing a coordinated, premeditated military and political campaign to conquer by proxy a vast swath of territory extending from North Africa, through the Middle East, and into Central Asia. It is a geopolitical campaign that directly targets all sovereign nation states, and in particular Russia and China in what is only the latest in a long struggle throughout human history by megalomaniacs to establish uncontested global hegemony. As the ploys are overused, their effectiveness has begun to falter and the legitimacy of the West’s actions and “role” is now failing. What we are left with is an overt campaign of military aggression, in direct violation of world peace and any norm of international law, real or contrived.”

US/NATO aggression against the Middle East is causing economic collapse in the West. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes:

“Washington still controls its bought-and-paid-for NATO puppets, but these puppet states are overwhelmed with derivative debt problems brought to them by Wall Street and by sovereign debt problems, some of which were covered up by Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs.

Europe is on the ropes and has no money with which to subsidize Washington’s wars of hegemony.

Washington is becoming an isolated and despised element of the world community. Washington has purchased Europe, Canada, Australia, the former Soviet state of Georgia (and almost Ukraine), and Columbia, and continues its effort to purchase the entire world, but sentiment is turning against the rising Gestapo state that has shown itself to be lawless, ruthless, and indifferent, even hostile, to human life and human rights.”

Washington’s machine of death and debt will bring the world down before it exhausts itself and collapses into dust. Politicians and bankers in the United States, Israel, and Europe are on a path of total destruction. We know they want to fight a total war against Iran and other countries in the Middle East because of what they did on September 11, 2001, and July 7, 2005. Their arrogance is astronomical.

American leaders had the audacity to murder their own people on 9/11 with the special aid of Israel, so imagine what kind of evil these maniacs will commit against Iran and Muslims in the Middle East. One word: hellfire.

Originally appeared at The Excavator.

This article was posted: Monday, July 9, 2012 at 1:08 am

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