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WeAreChangeLA schools Philip Shenon on 9-11/Scheuer/Mossad

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Monday, Sept 8, 2008

On April 27, 2008, Philip Shenon, former investigative journalist at the New York Times and author of “The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9-11 Commission” spoke on a panel at the LA Times Book Fair titled “Checks and Balances.” Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of WeAreChangeLA asked him a question regarding how best to resolve the treasonous condition of the ongoing 9-11 cover-up. After the panel, instead of signing books, he came to speak with a group of 9-11 truth folks.

The conversation was wide-ranging regarding the numerous facts that show the official conspiracy theory of 9-11-01 (i.e. OBL + KSM +19 + laptops) to be more full of holes than thermate-eaten steel. This video contains sections of the conversation regarding evidence the apparently interrupted Israeli false-flag terror attempt on the Mexican Parliament on 10-10-01, Michael Scheuer’s take on this and 9-11, and the lack of evidence for the “incompetence theory.”

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A note on terminology: At points in this video, the group of Israelis who were seen celebrating the WTC attacks, are referenced as “the Dancing Israelis.” This is a loaded and inappropriate description. Heretofore, they should probably be described as the “the Celebrating Mossad agents.”

Shenon, himself, blogged briefly about his experience with us at his website: http://www.philipshenon.com/blog/inde…

Email Philip Shenon and tell him respectfully to face reality, and become the first mainstream journalist, if in all reality he is not a Mockingbird, to tell the deeper story about 9-11 and help resuscitate this country’s soul. Tell him he could make Woodward and Bernstein look like McDonald’s employees of the month.


Remember to reach out to all folks in media, especially your local media, who WILL report on this if you give them a good reason to.

And, if you are interested in attempting to contact potentially confused CIA-man and Bin Laden expert Michael Scheuer about really saving his country, here is a possibility:

Peace, Love and Liberty!
Shenon video: D.M. Slaughter
Scheuer video: Garko
editing: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
music: Shumonik