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When Virtue Signalling Goes Wrong: NYT’s Bari Weiss Deletes ‘Racist’ Tweet After Backlash

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation [1]
February 13, 2018

New York Times opinion writer and staff editor Bari Weiss [2] thought she was showing up President Trump when she praised US Olympic skater Mirai Nagasu as an “immigrant” succeeding in the Winter Games.

“Immigrants: They get the job done,” Weiss tweeted in response to video of Nagasu performing a “historic” triple axel from NBC.

While Nagasu’s parents are Japanese immigrants, she was born in California as a US citizen. Rather than be showered with praise for signalling her virtue, Weiss was showered with hate for questioning Nagasu’s authentic Americanness.

Is America no longer a “nation of immigrants”?

Are first-generation immigrants no longer “immigrants,” but instead pure Americana?

Who the hell knows anymore and who the hell cares, it’s hilarious to watch the left choke on their own BS.

The New Yorker’s David Klion joined in on the pile-on:

Incidentally, this is the type of stuff Klion himself tweets without batting an eyelid:

Weiss eventually deleted her tweet and lamented the current state of politics (which she and her bosses created):

That’s the world you and your bosses created, Weiss.

I hope you enjoy it.