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White House Releases Unclassified Summary of Presidential Cybersecurity Directive

EPIC [1]
April 20, 2013

The White House has released an unclassified summary [2] of Presidential Policy Directive 20.

The Policy Directive sets out the cybersecurity authority of the National Security Agency in the United States and has raised concerns about government surveillance of the Internet.

The existence of the Directive was detailed in a story in the Washington Post [3]in 2012, and EPIC immediately pursued [4] the public release of the document.

According to the White House, PPD-20 “established principles and processes for the use of cyber operations so that cyber tools are integrated with the full array of national security tools.”

EPIC is still pursuing [5] the release of the full document. For more information seeEPIC: Cybersecurity Privacy Practical Implications [6] and EPIC: EPIC v. NSA (NSPD 54) [7].