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Who held Kevin McGeever in a dark room for eight long months?

Maeve Sheehan and Ronald Quinlan
Irish Independent [1]
Feb 4, 2013

THE enigma of the Irish property developer who claimed he was held captive for eight months and tortured deepened this weekend as more details emerged about his bizarre ordeal.

Kevin Michael McGeever was found wandering by the side of a Leitrim road last Tuesday, confused, emaciated, barefoot, with long fingernails and a lengthy beard. It soon transpired he was a wealthy property developer who sold apartments inĀ Dubai [2] and who was reported missing more than eight months ago.

The strange story of the kidnapped developer has captivated the media. Reports said he identified his abductors as Russian mafia who took him at gunpoint, that the word “thief” was carved into his forehead and that he had been starved to the point of malnutrition. However, according to garda sources, Mr McGeever has not nominated any suspects and the inscription on his forehead was written with ink that will fade in time.

Mr McGeever, 68, who remains in hospital in Mullingar this weekend, has been interviewed by detectives, but sources said he is still confused since his ordeal and that his recall is vague.

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