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Wife of Aurora shooting victim sues alleged shooter’s psychiatrist

Ryan W. McMaken
The LRC Blog [1]
January 16, 2013

Like most psychiatrists, Fenton probably thought that prescribing some mind-altering drugs would solve everyone’s problems. The lawsuit [2] does not appear to focus on that, however:

The filing goes on to charge Fenton with negligence. An excerpt reads:

Defendant Fenton knew that James Holmes was dangerous. Defendant Fenton had a duty to use reasonable care to protect the public at large from James Holmes. Defendant Fenton was presented with the opportunity to use such reasonable care when the Colorado University Police offered to apprehend James Holmes on a psychiatric hold. Defendant Fenton breached her duty to use reasonable care.
Due to this breach of duty to warn or protect the public from James Holmes, Jonathan T. Blunk was killed on July 20, 2012.