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Wikileaks’ Assange to Address 9/11 Conspiracy?

Prison Planet Live [1]
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Julian Assange may be about to address concerns over his comments last year [2] that 9/11 truth was a “false conspiracy” which he found “annoying”. Assange made the statement despite Wikileaks’ 2009 release of half a million pager messages on the day of 9/11 from New York City officials, many of which contradicted the official story.

The Wikileaks founder is currently in London embroiled in an extradition appeal relating to allegations of rape, which many suspect are unfounded and part of a smear campaign against Assange.

An increasing number of activists are questioning Assange’s motives, including some of his former colleagues like Cryptome’s John Young [3]. However, we have noted that Anonymous, the hacking collective that has vigorously defended Assange, is doing excellent work in exposing the power elite head on [4], particularly with their intention to shine a light on the secretive gathering of globalists at this week’s Bohemian Grove confab.

We hope that Assange can take a moment to address these concerns and reassure supporters that he is fully committed to exposing sinister secrets, whatever they may reveal, and particularly if they relate to 9/11, which was the foundation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which Assange so vehemently opposes. We would also like to emphasize that our open invitation for Assange to appear on the Alex Jones Show remains on the table.


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