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WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange blames Pentagon for rape ‘smears’ as Swedish authorities revoke his arrest warrant

Marcus Oscarsson
UK Daily Mail
Aug 23, 2010

THE controversial founder of a whistle-blowing website yesterday pointed to ‘Pentagon dirty tricks’ as the likely source of a rape allegation against him.

Julian Assange, 39, revealed he had been warned in the past that he could be the target of a ‘sex trap’.

The head of WikiLeaks spoke out after Swedish authorities revoked an arrest warrant, based on a rape claim, that they had issued less than 24 hear hours earlier

Speaking from an unknown location in Sweden, the Australian dismissed the rape and other sex abuse accusations that surfaced against him at the weekend, saying he had never had sex which was not consensual.

Prosecutors have since declared that the rape accusation against him had no substance.

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