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WikiLeaks: NSA leaker Snowden applied for asylum in six more countries

Jeremy Herb
The Hill [1]
July 6, 2013

Edward Snowden has applied for asylum in six additional countries, according to WikiLeaks, the group that is helping the National Security Agency leaker.

WikiLeaks tweeted [2] on Friday that Snowden had applied for asylum in another six countries. Earlier this week, WikiLeaks said Snowden had applied for asylum in 21 countries.

His options for leaving the transit zone in a Moscow airport, where he has allegedly been stuck since traveling to Russia from Hong Kong last month, have quickly dwindled [3], as most countries either rejected the asylum request or said Snowden would have to be on their soil to make the request.

WikiLeaks said it would not name the new countries where Snowden requested asylum “due to attempted U.S. interference.”

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