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Woody Allen: It would be Good If Obama Could Be A Dictator

“He could do a lot of good things quickly”

Steve Watson
Prisonplanet.com [1]
Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

In another display of cult like Obama worship, comedian and film director Woody Allen has suggested that it would be good for America if president Obama were allowed to do away with freedom ,and presumably the Constitution, and rule with an iron fist.

In an interview published by Spanish language newspaper La Vanguardia, Allen is quoted as saying [2] “I am pleased with Obama. I think he’s brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him.”

The director of Annie Hall and Manhattan also said “it would be good…if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

That’s generally what dictators do Woody, as a prominent Jewish figure one would have thought you’d have thought through such comments before blurting them out.

Allen’s comments recall the disturbing drivel [3]we were forced to endure when Obama entered office, as celebrities pledged their “service” to the president and vowed to “be a servant”, while encouraging their mind washed fans to do the same.

With Obama installed as dictator presumably he would never be picked up on actions such as those witnessed yesterday [4]when he signed the Press Freedom Act and then promptly refused to answer any questions from the press.

A free press is, of course, the enemy of a dictator.

“Recall that last Friday the president refused to take any questions after delivering his angry statement on the oil spill in the Rose Garden. And he has not held a prime-time White House news conference in many months, despite much pleading from pundits and members of the media,” reports CBS News’ Chip Reid [5].

Presumably under a Woody Allen imagined Obama dictatorship, the president’s recent statement “The practice of listening to opposing views, is essential for effective citizenship” would no longer apply and we’d just be forced to listen to Obama’s views and abide by his

With Cass Sunstein at his side [6] ready to tax or outright ban theorizing and opinion forming, and Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan ready to “disappear” free speech and ban books, [7] Obama certainly could do a lot of these things quickly.

Unfortunately, Allen’s comments don’t seem so ridiculous when one considers Obama’s extensive use of, and stated intention to continue using, presidential executive orders and directives to effectively rule by decree. [8]

Essentially, Woody Allen is getting what he’s asking for.