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Yemeni Protesters March on Palace

Reuters [1]
Feb 13, 2011

Anti-government protesters clashed with police trying to prevent them from marching toward Yemen’s presidential palace in Sanaa on Sunday, witnesses said.

Shortly before the clashes, the opposition agreed to enter talks with President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is keen to avert an Egypt-style revolt in the country, a U.S. ally against al Qaeda.

“The Yemeni people want the fall of the regime,” protesters shouted during the demonstration attended by about 1,000 people, before dozens broke off to march to the palace. “A Yemeni revolution after the Egyptian revolution.”

Sporadic anti-government protests have gathered momentum in Yemen. Earlier this month, tens of thousands took part in an opposition-led “Day of Rage” to demand a change of government, inspired by popular protests in Tunisia and Egypt.

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