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You Saw It Here First; Economic Crash, Banker Stick-Up Predicted Long Ago

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While mainstream corporate media lied to Americans claiming economy was strong, we were warning about a “global crash” and a faux solution of “predatory globalism” nearly two years in advance

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The global economic crisis and the centralization of power that would be implemented under the pretext of fixing it were predicted by this website as well as regular guests who appeared on The Alex Jones Show for the past three years-plus.

This compilation is not an attempt to blow our own trumpet and say “we told you so,” we were merely warning about the obvious consequences of what was unfolding as well as shining a light on what the elite were saying behind closed doors.

It is offered, however, as a reminder of the fact that while the mainstream corporate media were lying to the American people in continually claiming “the economy was strong,” we were pointing out that the foundation of the financial system was crumbling to the ground, leading to the chaos that we see ensuing today.


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Global Crash & Solution Of “Predatory World Government” Predicted By This Website In December 2006
In this article, we predicted the continued devaluation of the U.S. dollar, which occurred over the course of the next 18 months and an eventual “global crash” that would lead to the implementation of measures of predatory globalism to “solve the crisis”.

As talking heads on corporate media networks were blissfully parroting each other in their mantra that the economy was doing great, we predicted a “Meltdown that the cavalier and dangerous financial policies of the U.S. government….will inevitably engender.”

The call for a centralized world system of financial control, which has now been proposed, was one of the measures of “predatory globalism” that we warned about nearly two years before the bubble burst.

UN’s Promise to ‘Save The World’ In Return For Global Economic Governance (February 2006)
In February 2006, we reported that the The UN demanded the creation of a $7 trillion body to enforce co-operation between countries, applied through six specific financial tools. The price? “An admission that the nation-state is an old-fashioned concept that has no role to play in a modern globalised world where financial markets have to be harnessed rather than simply condemned.”

The London Telegraph reported today that, “Opinion is now hardening around the case for a new global architecture to enforce rules that ensure lessons are learnt.”

Bilderberg member and recently appointed UK Business Secretary Peter Mandelson argued last week that new global solutions are needed because “the machinery of global economic governance barely exists”, adding: “It is time for a Bretton Woods for this century.”

Influential media giants like the Wall Street Journal are pushing a “new world order” to solve the crisis, while British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for a “a new global financial order” to supersede the institutions created after World War II.

The elite were waiting to burst the bubble so they could implement the process of global centralization of banking power that they had planned all along.

Correctly Predicting Spike In Oil 2 Years Beforehand
In this article, written in May 2005, we correctly foresaw the dramatic rise in oil prices in order to fulfil Bilderberg’s agenda of a “post-industrial revolution”. We didn’t have a crystal ball – Daniel Estulin and others got the information straight from the horses mouth – the Bilderberg Group.

In a follow up article on the same subject in September 2007 we predicted, “A global economic crash” that would “torpedo the middle class”. We also predicted “A global economic crash, another great depression and the total evisceration of the middle class.”

Predicting The Decline Of The Pound & Euro
In November 2007, when the pound and the Euro were touching all time highs against the ailing dollar, we predicted that the “Euro and the pound (would) follow the dollar’s descent over the next two years as Europe is impacted by the economic tsunami of stagflation and recession in the U.S.”

Today, gold hit all time highs in denominations of pound sterling and Euro, highlighting the dramatic fall in the two currencies that we predicted nearly a year ago at a time when they were both thriving.

In the same article we warned of “A global financial meltdown” that would take place “despite the desperate efforts of the elite (the bailout) to restrain a horse that has already bolted.”

Ron Paul Predicts Stock Market Crash On Alex Jones Show
In August 2007, Ron Paul, speaking on the Alex Jones Show, dismissed the Fed’s efforts to pump liquidity into the system and predicted a stock market crash.

Paul said “If in 6 months or a year there is total chaos who knows what they might try to do,” speaking in relation to the possibility that martial law may be announced to curb riots if a depression ensues. Congress members were threatened with physical martial law last week after they refused to pass the bailout bill at the first time of asking.

Roberts Predicts Breakdown
In January, Paul Craig Roberts predicted a “real serious breakdown” of the global economy as a result of the overissuance of dollars and the Fed pumping liquidity into the markets.

January Warning Of “Financial Train Wreck”
Also in January we warned that the stock market was grossly overvalued due to the ceaseless inflation of the dollar and that a “financial train wreck” would arrive unless Yuppies opted for a soft landing immediately.

“Facing the reality of the fact that the stock market is grossly overvalued due to the weakness of the dollar and is due a severe correction seems impossible to accept for the yuppies who have buried their heads in the sand and consumed establishment propaganda that the economy was “in good shape” for the past three years,” we wrote, adding that Bernanke and Paulson had instead chosen to “pillage America for their own crooked agenda” which would lead to “economic chaos and a possible depression”.

The pillaging has now begun with the ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs being appointed to oversee the banker bailout.

The Yuppies who e-mailed us at the start of the year, mocking our pessimistic outlook, are probably a little less jovial today after the Dow dropped another 200 points, adding to the 777 point dive on September 29th and the 875 point collapse at the start of this week.

This article was posted: Wednesday, October 8, 2008 at 1:29 pm

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