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‘You’re a terrorist’: Tony Blair taunted by young Palestinian in West Bank mosque

UK Daily Mail [1]
Tuesday, Oct 20th, 2009

Tony Blair’s bodyguards had to rush to protect him today when a protester calling him a terrorist assailed the former prime minister in a Palestinian mosque.

Mr Blair, now the Middle East envoy, was on an official trip to the West Bank city of Hebron when the man verbally attacked him.

His bodyguards backed the man into a corner and tried to keep him quiet as he shouted ‘You’re a terrorist’ at Mr Blair.

‘He is not welcome in the land of Palestine’, the struggling man, who was carrying a bag, added.

Mr Blair gave a tight-lipped smile and a pacifying wave in the general direction of the shouting man.

‘You know, he made his protest and that’s fair enough,’ he told reporters once the man was removed from the mosque.

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