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YouTube involved in conspiracy to silence public debate on corporate patents on human genes

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Mike Adams
Natural News
May 18, 2013

YouTube, owned by corporate giant Google, has banned our video discussing the corporate ownership of patents on human genes. This video, which featured nothing more than myself and Robert Scott Bell criticizing Angelina Jolie for hyping up BRCA breast cancer gene tests and being part of the trillion-dollar industry of “human genomics” apparently ran afoul of the content desires of YouTube, and they slapped our account with a “Community Guidelines warning strike.”

The video was censored within hours of it being posted. “Within an hour of it going live on Infowars, the video was quickly taken down by YouTube,” writes Steve Watson of InfoWars.com. “Viewers now clicking on the play button are presented with a static filled screen informing them that the video ‘has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content.”

You can see this yourself by trying to view the video right now at:

(Note: We have appealed the strike with YouTube, so this video may be restored depending on the outcome of the appeal.)

YouTube, of course, openly allows millions of “soft porn” videos, videos of women showing off their boobs, videos of teenage boys beating the crap out of each other, videos of people being physically harmed, videos of innocents being tasered by police and so on. But any intelligent discussion about corporate patents on human genes gets immediately struck down and censored.

Here’s the video they don’t want you to see, now hosted on TV.NaturalNews.com which is controlled by us, not Google:

Censorship of discussion only confirms the corporate conspiracy

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

That our video criticizing the corporate ownership of human genes was so quickly censored by YouTube only confirms what we already knew about Angelina Jolie and the P.R. rollout of her carefully timed, manipulated appeal to women to support the trillion-dollar industry of corporations owning human genes. Jolie’s announcement of a double mastectomy was pre-planned to coordinate the release of People Magazine and now TIME Magazine, both of which feature Jolie on the cover and are obviously meant to influence a key Supreme Court decision about to be decided in the next few weeks which could make or break the entire industry of human genomics.

The likely motivation for all this is that Google wants to own human genes, too, and thus anyone exposing the crime of corporate patenting of human genes gets their videos immediately censored and removed. No discussion of this issue is allowed on their network! (Nor in the mainstream media…)

Today, 20 percent of human genes are already owned by corporations and universities. This is the ultimate domination over women and men: these corporations literally OWN your body. There is nothing more dis-empowering to women than pushing an agenda of corporate patents over human genes. It’s a form of genetic enslavement.

But there’s virtually no outcry against it. While most people are aware of the evil of corporations like Monsanto which wants to own the genetic code of food crops, relatively few people are aware of the fact that corporations already own 20 percent of your genetic code — and they can demand you pay them royalties for merely testing your own genes!

The act of replicating your own genes — by having children, for example — is a violation of patent protection laws. You owe these companies royalties on your genes!

Angelina Jolie has so far refused to publicly denounce the corporate ownership of human genes. And why? Because as I’ve explained in previous articles, she appears to be selling women out to corporate domination. She’s pumping up the BRCA testing industry and adding millions of dollars in valuation to the stock price of the company that “owns” those genes: Myriad Genetics.

It’s rather obvious at this point, due to all the corporate involvement in her PR stunt, the YouTube censorship, the TIME Magazine cover, the carefully-crafted op-ed piece in the NYT, etc., that Angelina Jolie is simply the front man in a massive corporate scheme to mislead women into supporting a corporate domination agenda based on the patenting of human genes.

Now we know Google is also involved in the cover-up, a fact that shouldn’t really surprise anyone considering Google’s long-term aims.

Patents on human genes needs an organized response like we already see with GMOs

What’s clear from all this is that the issue of corporations owning patents on human genes needs an organized, grassroots response mirroring what we now see with GMOs. We need a Jeffrey Smith for gene patents.

If women really knew just how their bodies were being enslaved by intellectual property laws, they would be marching in the streets right now. But they are kept in the dark, kept intentionally ignorant while deceptive agenda pushers like Angelina Jolie manipulate women through fear and disinformation… all backed by a highly-organized campaign pushed through the mainstream media.

Enslavement is never overt, my friends. It always comes disguised as compassion, promoted by someone who looks harmless and talks about “choice” and “family” and “women’s rights.” But make no mistake: All women are being fed into the corporate meat grinder on this issue. If we do not stop the patenting of human genes, we will ALL be owned by corporations and have no rights to our own DNA.

That’s why I encourage you to join us in demanding that Angelina Jolie denounce corporate patents on human genes — something she has so far refused to do. (And don’t hold your breath…)

This article was posted: Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 5:32 am

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